Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Choosing Jewellery for Women

It is obvious that when a person buys jewelry for a woman, that woman must be special in some way. Generally there is a lot of thought put into the process of choosing jewelry. Also there is a tendency to pour a lot of money into such a gift. But it should be kept in mind that it is not a good idea to buy gifts that are too expensive to afford. The woman who received the gift might not even adorn herself with it if it does not appeal to her.

There are many factors to keep in mind before buying jewelry. An important thing to keep in mind is whether the woman is allergic to certain materials, such as gold or silver. If your gift ends up giving her hand a rash, she will not exactly be pleased with it. Another important consideration is to buy her something she does not already have. Most women possess plenty of diamonds and pearls, and might be happier if given a different gift such as a ruby or a gemstone. Also, many a times, a diamond ring might make her a lot happier than extensive and expensive costume jewelry.

For women of the traditional category, traditional gifts such as a trinity ring or diamond wishbone are generally highly appreciated. The occasion for giving the gift should also be kept in mind. The birth of a child might be celebrated by giving an eternity ring. Various types of gemstones are popular as anniversary or birthday gifts.

It is also necessary to choose jewelry that suits her style of dressing, whether it is contemporary or vintage. Jewelry should also suit the features of a woman. Women with long necks, for example, are better suited to long, chandelier type earrings. Those with shorter necks are fans of short, pretty earrings.

While choosing rings, it is useful to know the diameter of the woman’s finger. This will ensure that the ring fits, and will also determine which type of ring will suit her hand. For example, rings with a sleekly cut diamond transform short, stubby fingers, and make them look longer. But rings with huge diamonds can make the fingers look shorter than they are. In general, intricate, delicate designs should be limited to long, delicate fingers, while large, showy and simple designs should be reserved for thicker fingers, on a larger hand.
Jewelry should also be given in accordance with the woman’s profession, if she is expected to wear the jewelry everyday. Flashy jewelry might look quite out-of-place in certain professions. For example, a judge wearing a diamond tiara would undoubtedly look unusual.

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