Friday, December 11, 2009

Tips for cleaning your diamond ring

If you have just purchased or been lucky enough to be given a beautiful diamond engagement ring from your loved one, then you need to ensure that you look after it and care for it correctly.

Although it is a well known fact that diamonds are one of the toughest natural substances, especially when it has been mounted in a wedding ring or engagement ring, your diamond is still vulnerable. Have a look at the cleaning tips below to help you maintain your diamond ring.

1. Take a very soft brush, some soap and water- use this brush to clean your diamond ring (if you do not have a brush for cleaning jewellery, then an eyebrow brush or lipstick will suffice)

2. Get the warm water and the soap and form a solution, before putting your diamond ring in the solution and using the brush to clean the diamond

3. Now you need to rinse your ring, but ensure that you use a strainer to put it in, as this will prevent soapy hands from dropping your prize possession down the plug hole

4. Take a dry cloth and gently dry your ring

Also to ensure that your diamond engagement ring is kept in a good state of repair, take it to a professional jeweller at least once a year for it to be checked over.

A diamond engagement ring is a personal thing for a couple. It is a symbolism of their feelings and their commitment to each other, and how they want to spend the remainder of their days together as lovers. If you are looking for a diamond ring, then do not hesitate to contact us at Marlows Certified Diamonds. We can help you make the right choice that meets your individual requirements as we have a large selection of rings for you to choose from.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cheap Costume Jewelry Necklaces Can Give Enhancement to a Woman's Display of Perfect Elegance

There are numerous places that the consumer can find cheap costume jewelry necklaces and other costume jewelry, for the fraction of the price that it would cost to purchase the real thing. Many major department stores have a jewelry section that has much different costume jewelry.

With the economy being slow, many of us are trying to find ways to cut our costs and be more aware of spending.

When it comes to gift giving, we want to be able to give a beautiful gift, without having to go over our budget, especially with the Christmas holidays approaching.

It seems to get harder and harder to give a gift to an important woman in your life and make her truly surprised. Every woman loves to receive jewelry.

When it comes to our lady friends, we want that special gift that she will love. Cheap costume jewelry necklaces and other fashion jewelry, does not have to cost us an arm and a leg. It's a great way to find a gift that is cheap, and that she will love.

It doesn't matter if it's for a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary or if it's just an everyday I love you gift.

Jewelry is something which is treasured forever and women feel happy to be laden with jewelry.

Most people are looking for ways to keep on a budget, without having to compromise the fun of purchasing a piece of jewelry that will give us the same look as a jewelry piece that is expensive.

Depending on the department store, they can vary in price. With most department stores, the jewelry is mass-produced, so if you are looking for something more unique, you might not find it in one of these stores.

Cheap costume jewelry necklaces use natural colored beads, plastic, wood, ceramics, shells, leather, and unpolished stones that are never over-the-top and always-in-style.

Much of the appeal of these types of pieces is that they are one-of-a-kind, with an effortless chic that creates a low-maintenance vibe.

Checking the newspapers for ads on people selling jewelry or checking garage sales is a great place to find pieces. Many times at garage sales you can purchase jewelry, for just a few dollars. In some cases, buyers have been known to have purchased jewelry, and had them appraised, finding out that they were worth much more then a few dollars.

Online is another place that you can purchase cheap costume jewelry necklaces for very little. There are numerous websites, that you can purchase wholesale items, which will save you money in the long run. You can also purchase, supplies to make your own costume jewelry. It's a way of giving a gift that you created, to someone that you love.

With high standards you can count on cheap costume jewelry necklaces offering you the best style and quality for the price.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buying Jewelry Online for Casual Wear

Like music has no geographical or linguistics’ barriers, likewise jewelry is the singular language that every woman (many men too) speaks. Jewelry, like body language, says and speaks a lot about a person. The other day, to collect my transcript, I visited my college councilor, a strict middle aged lady known for crankiness. I decided to keep my mouth zipped less I would say something to displease the lady. While I was signing the receiving of the document, she asked me pleasantly, is this genuine Ruby that you are wearing? That set off the mood for a half an hour chit-chat over tea. This is the impact of accessorizing yourself with good jewelry.

Having said this, even though Tiffany’s ring , or a Gold Gem Stone ring , or a designer Diamond ring

from Diamonds Dot Com, are signature articles in themselves, as less as 5-10% of the global population can afford to wear it on a daily basis. In everyday life, I have to go to the shanty Sunday Bazaars, malls, park my car in the parking lot and walk miles to get to the office, and with the hectic schedule, I am likely to shed my beautiful adornments, my cherished rings, in places like the ladies room, the car dashboard, beside my keyboard on the office PC and that means a sizeable investment down the drain every time I lose a ring. But don’t they say “life doesn’t wait for anything?” and looking good all the time matters to most of us. In the daily routine of most working women, college students, and housewives the most commonly used adornments include rings, bracelets and watches since no matter what we wear; these accessories will add to the look of any and every outfit. This observation is true for most cultures and this is where artificial, replica jewelry comes in.
In the current recession, my budget for jewelry for casual use is maybe as low as a dollar a day ($) and that would make many of us raise their eyebrows and think, “Gosh, I will never be found wearing shanty sale items to the office”. However, the way different economies and demand-supply mechanics work are miraculous in their own way and online shopping carts are a convenience most useful to women. For example an artificial ring which sells as cheap as PKR 80 in Pakistan , when converted to US $ would amount to less than a dollar. It would be new and would match a dress or multiple dresses if it is in multi-color and I definitely would not be bothered much even if I lose it.

Artificial jewelry is best suited for fads .Fads are fashion items that are “in” for a short period of time and fade away. Any values for money type of a spender would ask why invest in something that is fashionable but for a little while? For such purposes, artificial jewelry is the best option whereby you can actually be fashionable without a dent in the pocket.

In short, for daily wear there is nothing more economical than artificial matching accessories available in many colors and styles all over the world in form of online shopping carts and there is nothing more convenient than to load your online shopping cart with economical items to go with your wardrobe while watching TV in your lounge and sipping tea and reveling in the fantasies of the gift wrapped items that will be delivered sometime soon to your doorstep.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Your gold wedding ring

Wedding ring should be something which can keep your sweet memories always alive in your mind. Therefore you can not go simply to a jewelry shop and order a ring for your wedding. You would better know all the details of a wedding ring that you want to buy before buying one. As for example if you want to buy a diamond ring there are lots of things you do not know and before buying the ring you have to know. If you do not your ring may face some unwanted things as you ca not be a loser buying a ring for your wedding. So remember one thing at first settle your mind that what type is yours whether it is a diamond ring or it is a gold ring or it is a platinum ring and then try to know some basic things of that such as how can you understand the proper weight, how can you understand if the diamond is pure or not, is there any guarantee etc. All the information you can have from internet easily. It is only for your safety and as a customer you should have your thing 100%.

Here we will look at some metals what are used in making a wedding ring commonly. Before some years the list was really very tiny but now with the help of technology you can have various types of metals for making your special ring. They are gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten, with precious stone embellishments.

Gold, as a metal is a lovely yellow color. Gold is favorable because it is looking good when it is worn and giving the right shape to it is easy and it is also durable. Pure gold is also very malleable at 24 carats so it is easy to design and shape. However, the best thing about the gold wedding ring is that it is available in different shades, designs and goes well with other metals too.

Now you may not be sure about the factor that which type of gold ring would be perfect for the design you choose. Sometimes it is good to choose a type that is not 24 carat because every design is not suitable for 24c gold. This is because a higher carat that this would make the ring prone to twisting and going out of shape. So ensure that you select a wedding band that is either 14 c or 18 c. Also, the more the proportion of gold the more expensive the wedding rings will be. So, to have a long-lasting wedding ring that suits your budget, select the appropriate carat value. Budget is another important thing that can attract you towards choosing a golden ring comparing platinum or tungsten ring.

Another factor of gold is that it is very easy to wear. There can be some allergic problems but vast number of people uses this without any problem. You can resize this material easily and can give any shape. While buying please ensure that the weight is correct and gold is pure.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Read this before buying silver jewellery

There are many different names for silver jewellery on the market today. So, what are all these types of silver and what do they mean?

This article will educate you so you understand what the different terminologies are when you are buying Wholesale silver jewelry or silver gemstone jewelry.

What silver?

Silver is a metal which has been used for hundreds of years. Silver is mined from many countries but the biggest producers are Mexico, Peru and Australia.

Silver in its pure form, is normally considered too soft for everyday use. Therefore, other metals are added to the pure silver such as cooper.

The different types of ¡°Silver¡±

Sterling silver is the main type of silver used in jewellery, ornaments & dinnerware today. This is solid silver. Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% metal alloy.

Sterling silver is hallmarked as ¡°925¡±.

Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver and is normally considered too soft to use for most items. It is also solid silver.

Silver plating is common and sometimes dishonest sellers try to pass this off as sterling silver. It¡¯s also call electroplated silver or silver coated as well. Silver plated items are made using a base metal, normally brass or nickel, which is then put through an electroplating process. Electroplating is a process which adheres a very thin layer of pure silver onto the base metal.

The result is a sterling silver looking item at a, much reduced price. It may look like sterling silver but the silver plating tends to wear off quite quickly exposing the less than beautiful base metal.

Alpaca Silvered or German Silver is not actually silver at all. It is a greyish looking alloy which resembles silver. It is sometimes termed nickel silver, paktong, and new silver. It is also used as a base for silver plated items because of its appearance. If you want real silver, stay away from this. Also, beware of sellers selling this as ¡°fashion jewellery¡± to consumers that don¡¯t know the difference between sterling silver and alpaca silver.

Mexican Silver silver is used to describe silver made in Mexico. It must have more than 90% pure silver content to be Mexican silver. Most silver jewellery from Mexico today is actually sterling silver.

Britannia Silver has a pure silver content of 95.85% and no more than 4.16% copper. This silvered is marked in the U.K. and Ireland as "958 silver." It is an even more pure form of silver than sterling silver. Hence it¡¯s higher valuer.

Antiquing of Sterling Silver Jewelry
Antiquing is very common in the silver industry today and is the practice of applying a finishing process to sterling silver to give the item an appearance of age. As well as giving the item an appearance of age, it also helps to produce a contrast which makes the details of intricate designs stand out better.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Design Your Own Ring Online: follow your heart

You don’t have to go downtown to get fine jewelry any more; you can design your own ring online. If you spend a little time researching this important investment, you can have a rewarding experience as exclusive as the love you share with your sweetheart. Browse through your favorite magazine, talk to your friends and shop the windows at the mall to see what you like and you don’t like. Try on different styles. You might not think a piece looks very good on you, only to be surprised at how lovely it is on your hand once you are wearing it. The shape of your hand, the color of your skin, they all affect the appearance of this most special item of jewelry.

Next, educate yourself about the four Cs: carat, color, cut and clarity of diamonds. Learn about flaws and inclusions that can affect the cost and quality of your investment. You might opt out of diamonds and choose something different for your ring. Sapphires are a terrific second choice for an engagement ring and graced the hand of the late Princess Diana. Or, consider an emerald. No one can forget the fabulous green on actress Angelina Jolie at the Oscars earlier this year.

Once you select the stone, learn about all the metals that can hold the ring in place. Platinum and gold in yellow or white are the most popular choices for modern brides. Since you’ve decided to design your own ring online, why limit yourself? Combine any of these metals for a one of a kind creation that speaks to the love you share.

Lastly, ask yourself if you would like to accent your central stone with others. A smaller focal point can be enhanced in a truly sparkly way with smaller stones beside it. These stones can sit on either side, or they can cascade all the way around the band for a fiery display. Make sure you keep your wedding band in mind when you go through this process. Some custom rings might not be compatible with traditional wedding bands. You might consider both of these as you explore all the possibilities when you design your own ring online.

Choosing Jewellery for Women

It is obvious that when a person buys jewelry for a woman, that woman must be special in some way. Generally there is a lot of thought put into the process of choosing jewelry. Also there is a tendency to pour a lot of money into such a gift. But it should be kept in mind that it is not a good idea to buy gifts that are too expensive to afford. The woman who received the gift might not even adorn herself with it if it does not appeal to her.

There are many factors to keep in mind before buying jewelry. An important thing to keep in mind is whether the woman is allergic to certain materials, such as gold or silver. If your gift ends up giving her hand a rash, she will not exactly be pleased with it. Another important consideration is to buy her something she does not already have. Most women possess plenty of diamonds and pearls, and might be happier if given a different gift such as a ruby or a gemstone. Also, many a times, a diamond ring might make her a lot happier than extensive and expensive costume jewelry.

For women of the traditional category, traditional gifts such as a trinity ring or diamond wishbone are generally highly appreciated. The occasion for giving the gift should also be kept in mind. The birth of a child might be celebrated by giving an eternity ring. Various types of gemstones are popular as anniversary or birthday gifts.

It is also necessary to choose jewelry that suits her style of dressing, whether it is contemporary or vintage. Jewelry should also suit the features of a woman. Women with long necks, for example, are better suited to long, chandelier type earrings. Those with shorter necks are fans of short, pretty earrings.

While choosing rings, it is useful to know the diameter of the woman’s finger. This will ensure that the ring fits, and will also determine which type of ring will suit her hand. For example, rings with a sleekly cut diamond transform short, stubby fingers, and make them look longer. But rings with huge diamonds can make the fingers look shorter than they are. In general, intricate, delicate designs should be limited to long, delicate fingers, while large, showy and simple designs should be reserved for thicker fingers, on a larger hand.
Jewelry should also be given in accordance with the woman’s profession, if she is expected to wear the jewelry everyday. Flashy jewelry might look quite out-of-place in certain professions. For example, a judge wearing a diamond tiara would undoubtedly look unusual.