Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buying Jewelry Online for Casual Wear

Like music has no geographical or linguistics’ barriers, likewise jewelry is the singular language that every woman (many men too) speaks. Jewelry, like body language, says and speaks a lot about a person. The other day, to collect my transcript, I visited my college councilor, a strict middle aged lady known for crankiness. I decided to keep my mouth zipped less I would say something to displease the lady. While I was signing the receiving of the document, she asked me pleasantly, is this genuine Ruby that you are wearing? That set off the mood for a half an hour chit-chat over tea. This is the impact of accessorizing yourself with good jewelry.

Having said this, even though Tiffany’s ring , or a Gold Gem Stone ring , or a designer Diamond ring

from Diamonds Dot Com, are signature articles in themselves, as less as 5-10% of the global population can afford to wear it on a daily basis. In everyday life, I have to go to the shanty Sunday Bazaars, malls, park my car in the parking lot and walk miles to get to the office, and with the hectic schedule, I am likely to shed my beautiful adornments, my cherished rings, in places like the ladies room, the car dashboard, beside my keyboard on the office PC and that means a sizeable investment down the drain every time I lose a ring. But don’t they say “life doesn’t wait for anything?” and looking good all the time matters to most of us. In the daily routine of most working women, college students, and housewives the most commonly used adornments include rings, bracelets and watches since no matter what we wear; these accessories will add to the look of any and every outfit. This observation is true for most cultures and this is where artificial, replica jewelry comes in.
In the current recession, my budget for jewelry for casual use is maybe as low as a dollar a day ($) and that would make many of us raise their eyebrows and think, “Gosh, I will never be found wearing shanty sale items to the office”. However, the way different economies and demand-supply mechanics work are miraculous in their own way and online shopping carts are a convenience most useful to women. For example an artificial ring which sells as cheap as PKR 80 in Pakistan , when converted to US $ would amount to less than a dollar. It would be new and would match a dress or multiple dresses if it is in multi-color and I definitely would not be bothered much even if I lose it.

Artificial jewelry is best suited for fads .Fads are fashion items that are “in” for a short period of time and fade away. Any values for money type of a spender would ask why invest in something that is fashionable but for a little while? For such purposes, artificial jewelry is the best option whereby you can actually be fashionable without a dent in the pocket.

In short, for daily wear there is nothing more economical than artificial matching accessories available in many colors and styles all over the world in form of online shopping carts and there is nothing more convenient than to load your online shopping cart with economical items to go with your wardrobe while watching TV in your lounge and sipping tea and reveling in the fantasies of the gift wrapped items that will be delivered sometime soon to your doorstep.

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