Thursday, January 15, 2009

Womens love for jewellery

Jewellery has been the best friend of a woman from the beginning of human civilization. Even in the present world woman wants to get the best jewellery of all. It is her most prized possession. With the advancement of time, the material of jewellery has changed, but a woman’s love for jewellery is still the same. When purchasing any jewellery material, she always wants to go for the best of the whole lot. But, the cost emerges to be an obstacle often. The jewellery materials have changed according to the ages of human civilization. In the present day the two most used metals for making jewellery are gold and platinum. These two are the costliest metals of today and that is why they are used.

The design of a ring is the most important feature that stays on a woman’s mind while purchasing a ring. So, it is best to get a ring with great design when a person wants to buy a ring for the woman of his life. And when it comes to wedding ring, it must be very special. A person should always buy a wedding ring keeping his wife’s choice in mind. But, buying a ring with just a person’s choice in mind is not enough. If the person has to wear the ring daily, then a highly designed ring with diamonds will be very uncomfortable. Buying a ring is not that easy as it looks like. Wedding ring is the only ring that people have to keep with themselves all through their life; so it is very difficult for a person to carry an uncomfortable ring for the whole life time.
There are lots of things a person should keep in mind while buying a wedding ring for his or her husband or wife. If the wedding ring is for the husband, then his personality must be kept in mind. If the person has to use his hands a lot while working, then an uncomfortable ring is not at all suitable. Plain rings are advised in such cases. Plain rings can be of various types, according to the metal and cost.

It is however, a little bit more confusing when it comes to a bride’s engagement ring. Choice of jewellery varies from woman to woman. Some prefer rings with exclusive design, whereas some go for plain rings. Some of them want designed and diamond studded rings and also rings with both of their favorite metals- gold and platinum. If the woman’s choice is known, then it is not much difficult buying a ring. Any of these can be bought, if a person can afford. Rings with two metals or the 2 tone rings are obviously expensive. So are the designer rings. But, the cost must not be in person’s mind while buying an engagement ring. Since, it is the chance of a life time; a person should fulfill the dreams of his wife.

A wedding band, no matter what its cost it, should never be neglected. It can be cheap if the person cannot afford an expensive ring. But, the sentiment involved in each ring is the same. An engagement ring represents the love and commitment of the couple to each other.

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