Friday, January 30, 2009

Decorate Your Wrist With Silver Bangles

Silver bangles are always fun and flirty ways to get noticed. There is no limit to the amount of looks that you can accomplish with bangles. Wear multiples in the traditional bangle sense or get thick bangles meant to be worn by themselves. No matter what type of bangle you prefer you will be able to find a type that matches your sense of style and personality perfectly.

When you are wearing the slim bangles, a single silver charm hanging from it is always a great way to add that little extra. You will find that silver charms look great or silver bangles. If you really want to go crazy, then go two toned with gold charms. Who says you can’t wear silver and gold together? These two colors give you a two toned look that will definitely get you noticed and complimented no matter where you go.

You can get charms that signify exactly who you are and what you are about. Show off your favorite animal with animal charms. Nothing can put a smile on your face like seeing a charm of a cat or a dolphin. No matter what your favorite animal is, penguins or horses, hedgehogs or swans you will be able to find a charm that goes perfect with your silver bangle.

Wearing multiple bangles calls for multiple charms, for each bangle you can add a charm. This is great for days when you really want to stand out and get noticed. Get gold and silver charms to go with your bangles. You can go with one silver charm one gold charm, alternate between the two with each bangle until your look is complete.

Let people know that you are coming with the pleasant tinkling sound of charms and bangles together. You will have your own signature look and sound among your friends and co workers. In no time you will find that people will begin to ask you where you got our look and style. Nothing can bring in compliments like a new and trendy look that bangles and charms can give.

If you are a new mother, then there are so many charms that you will be able to find that can help you to celebrate the birth of your child. From baby booties to pacifiers you will be able to find this and everything in between. Look in the animal charms for a cute and cuddly teddy bear to go along with your baby charms.

Newly weds have plenty of reason to celebrate. What better way to help remind you of your significant other than with celebration wedding charms. You will find bride and groom charms as well as a bottle of champagne. Whenever you are having a bad day, simply look down and remember the happiest day of your life over and over again. These are guaranteed to put you in a happy mood no matter what.

Bangles are great to wear by themselves or along with charms. You can easily remove and attach the charms so you can go for different looks each and every day.

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