Sunday, February 15, 2009

Designer Wedding Sets

There are many names associated with designer wedding sets including but not limited to ArtCarved, A.Jaffe, Alito, Benchmark, Bergio, Charles Garnier, Damiani, Gottlieb and Sons, Hidalgo, Kristina, Movado, Scott K, Varna, Vera Wang and many others. Deciding on the right one for you can be a hard task because there are so many options, and almost all of these designers offer you the chance to co-create your own personalized designer wedding sets. Designer wedding sets are simply called this because a specific designer’s name is attached to the handiwork.

For example, Tacori’s platinum and diamond jewelry allows for elegance and modern bling that so many women crave. The Tacori diamond creations are worn by the rich and famous, while still being affordable enough for most anyone to afford on a wedding budget. A designer wedding set will include the engagement ring and the wedding band for women, or the wedding band for both men and women. The most popular of the Tacori designer wedding sets is the Platinum Tacori Tapered Diamond engagement ring in a total carat weight of .62. Of all the designer wedding sets available, the most popular of all designs is the channel set. This setting is created by having each diamond snuggled into a small setting inside a band, generally the wedding band. The engagement rings vary due to uniqueness and style, but the most popular setting is the low 4 prong setting.

Designer wedding sets can be purchased at most jewelry stores. There are designer wedding sets that are created specifically for the recipient. These are considered commissioned pieces, and generally cost more than other designer wedding sets. This is not to say that all designer wedding sets can be commissioned, but those that are created in this manner generally cost more and are one of a kind in nature. However, if you commission your designer wedding sets, the designer keeps all rights to the design and can use them again if you give permission to do so. Your local jeweler can tell you about the designers they specifically work with, as well as price ranges and even a time frame in which you can expect your commissioned pieces to arrive in.

Designer wedding sets can be found online or in brick and mortar jewelers. Some designers work only from their websites taking commissioned orders and also sell their mainstream designs, while others work only with specific areas of the country and certain stores or jewelers. The options you have available in your area will depend on the city you are located in, the designer you choose and the budget you have to work with. Each of these will determine how quickly you can get your designer wedding sets as well as who would be able to get the set to you in your time frame.

Regardless of the designer you choose, remember that the designer wedding sets you choose will be yours forever. The set should show how much you mean to your mate as well as how long your love will last. Keep in mind that regardless of the size of the diamonds, they are always a girls’ best friend.

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