Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Showing skin with jewellary

Metal cut outs are a creative way to dress up any outfit. They are delicate, beautiful and feminine to look at, providing an understated yet whimsical feel.

Of all the trends on the market today, metal cut outs seem to have a presence everywhere. The pendant necklace cut out is very hot right now, with many designers catering to this style. Pendant choices include natural elements such as: flowers, butterflies and leaves. The butterfly is especially favored this season, as the most coveted and beautiful insect. Other cut out symbols such as hearts, shamrocks and crosses are other chic possibilities.

Cut out cuff bracelets are extremely hot, with the focus on very wide designs. The width of the bracelet balances out the delicate design of the metal. This type of bracelet also acts an alternative to a solid bangle, as it can be molded around your wrist or upper arm, and is very lightweight.

Cut out earrings are another lightweight option that can be used to dress up a simple sundress or blouse. Available in a variety of colors, including soft pastels, sterling silver and classic gold, there are many ways to wear these earrings. The rose or rosette design is especially in demand and has been featured in magazines from People: Style Watch to Cosmopolitan.

With cut outs especially, the pieces look fantastic as jewelry sets. They don't compete with each other, yet instead offer a complete and complimentary look. Keep in mind that the pieces do not have to be the same size, yet instead can be paired as a large set of earrings and a small necklace. Since this is such a fun trend to wear, it's really about enjoying yourself. The key is to keep other items simple, thus letting the jewelry set be the center of attention.

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