Monday, June 29, 2009

Silver Jewelery

Today, silver jewelry has become a most sought after thing and a big style statement. Right from young school or college going girls to older women and even men, silver is THE in thing for jewelry today. Forget the average style conscious person on the road, even the high flying movie stars, politicians and top corporate leaders-all are getting universally charmed by this soft, shining metal.

For both Men and Women
Just like Gold, Silver jewelry also comes both for men and women. However, there is one thing that makes it different from the Gold jewelry. While the men's jewelry in Gold is mostly old fashioned and has traditional, repetitive designs, if you take one look at the range of Silver jewelry available for them you will surely be impressed. There are rings, bracelets, chains, pendants and even ear studs or rings for the more fashion conscious ones. All of these come in really eye catching, off beat and modern designs and sure make a big impression of your style.

As far as women's jewelry in silver is concerned, there really is no end to the possibilities. There is ethnic silver jewelry, tribal silver jewelry and modern, minimalist silver jewelry to choose from. You get rings, bracelets, bangles, anklets, ear and nose rings or studs, as well as neck pieces. The variety in these is really huge and it may baffle you for choice very easily.

Ethnic or Modern
While silver jewelry for men mostly has a modern element to its designs (as that is what would suit the most to our urbane studs), jewelry for women has a more varied look. You could choose from a string of ethnic or even tribal designs that really add drama to your outfits or decide upon a simpler, modern design with clean lines and neat look.

Silver jewelry also comes in combination of semi precious stone or crystals that makes it look all the more breath taking. The latest that is catching up on the tribal silver jewelry is the use of thick, colorful treads to put the unusual silver pieces together in a jewelry article like a bold neckpiece.

Moonlit Attraction
The ancient Egyptians compared the metal to the moon and gave it the symbol of half moon to depict it. The moonlit sheen of the metal makes it extremely attractive and at the same time very soothing too. It is a metal that gets along with most of your outfits and instantly lifts them up with timeless grace and elegance. Silver jewellery is really catching up fats on the world's fashion map too and especially Indian Silver jewelry has started selling like hot cakes everywhere.

So if you have seen a lot of your friends wearing a chunky piece of silver and have admired it too, it's high time you owned up some of your own and created some silver magic!

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